Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is an indicator of minerals contained in your bones, osteoporosis risk and fracture risk. In this module you’ll be taken through understanding the importance of our skeleton and the functions it performs in the body. This is an integral part to understanding the Bone Mineral Density report. We’ll investigate what exactly bone is, and what it does in the body. You’ll also receive insights as to the genetic implications of bone in the body, as well as what actions we can take regarding our bone health.

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    Bone Mineral Density

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About the instructor

Head Dietitian and Wellness Team Manager

Amy Wells

Amy graduated with her Bachelor of Dietetics with Honours from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) in 2013. She worked clinically in an ICU, oncology and dialysis unit for three years before joining DNAfit. She's constantly working to keep DNAfit's recommendations in line with the most recent science in the field of nutrigenomics. Even though she's a dietician, Amy LOVES food and will always find a tasty alternative to curb your cravings.