Current State of Advice

How did the obesity crisis arise, and where are we heading? What are the reasons unpinning all this - does a one size fits all approach work?

Injury Risk

This module covers the key genes involved in injury risk, and gives practical recommendations for preventing and recovering from injuries.

Recovery Speed

An overview of the recovery process, introducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Learn how and when to use recovery modalities, and how to prevent overtraining.

Genetics 101

Find out what a gene is, and how genetic research is performed. Learn the importance of the gene-environment interaction, and DNAFit’s standards for evidence.

How Can Genetics Affect Diet Choice?

An introduction to diet based genes, and their effects on weight. Can your genes inform which diet to choose, and is this approach effective?

Micronutrient Response Genetics

Uncover the genes influencing omega-3, antioxidant, and vitamin D requirements, as well as the MTHFR gene’s link to B vitamins.

Power & Endurance Response

Here you’ll learn of the key fitness genes, how to apply this info to your training, and DNAFit’s groundbreaking research on the peak performance algorithm.

Food Intolerances - Lactose

Discover why some people lose the ability to tolerate milk with age, the difference between coeliac and gluten intolerance, and if going gluten free improves athlete performance.

Aerobic Potential

What is VO2 max, and how much do genes play a role? Here we provide an overview of the research, and how to apply this to your training for improved results.

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